Factory Forged Momentum

A 12-week marketing & business coaching program for brick & mortar gym owners

Build a simple, lean and profitable gym.

Factory Forged Momentum shows you how to do shift from the hamster wheel of “grow, grow, grow” to scaling your time, income & impact.   

You need 3 things to create a simple, lean & profitable gym.

A scalable group program that create valuable results for your clients. 

The ability to sell group at a profitable rate. A rate that supports your income & profit goals. 

A dialed in marketing system that generates high quality leads consistently. 

If one of those is off…you may have bursts of growth but you’ll never truly scale your time & income. 

“Get more leads, make more sales, sell more programs” is the battlecry of our industry. 

You’ve been told things like…


Sell 1:1 personal training so you can charge more

Offer lots of programs so your members can buy more

Get more leads so you can sell more


But after years of exhausting these growth strategies, we still have a too many gym owners who are overworked & underpaid.



It’s because we never shifted to scaling.

More leads and sales won’t save you from an underprice core membership selling at $130 – $175/month that includes 7 PT sessions up front. 


If you want to reach the next level at your gym in a simple, lean & profitable way. You will need to learn how to scale. 


And I can show you show to do that.

I’m Chris Thorndike

I’m Chris Thorndike

Over my 13 years of owning a gym, I have increased my core group rates from $99/month to $252/month in a market where the medium income is $34,876/year.


Learning to package, market & sell my core group program at a profitable rate allowed me to earn a professional salary while only working 35 hours/week with no evenings shifts. 


Without having to offer PT to “make good money”, sell nutrition programs to get more sales or hire a big team to work less.


I did all this by keeping my business simple to run, lean to operate and highly profitable.


Is this you?

You want to increase your rates for new & existing members

But you’re afraid new members won’t buy and exisitng members will leave so you put off increasing your prices.

You think your market is too rural, can’t afford it or won’t pay.

So you’ve increased rates $15 here or $20 there but it still hasn’t made a significant difference in your take home pay.

You want to enroll quality leads who stay long term

But you have no idea how to create a marketing strategy that attracts long term clients

You have a hobby but want it to be a money-making business.

You know you’re not as knowledgable about business as you’d like to be & not having the business acumen is keeping you from growing your gym 

Imagine having…

A proven strategy that walks you through how to package your core group memberships, how to market it to your local market & how to enroll new (and existing) members at into your group program at profitable rates. Over and over again.

What Client Interviews…

Inside this program, you are set up to create a professional income & get back more time freedom


Imagine selling group programs at $200 – $250/month without any PT sessions included? Your clients are getting a high quality group program and every enrollment is profitable since day 1.


Your gym is simple to run, lean to operate & highly profitable. You’re home by 6pm every evening & have weekends off to spend with your family & friends. 


You know exactly what you need to do each week to get more people into an intro appointment. But not only that, you’re attracting the type of cliens that stay long term.

What’s Inside Factory Forged Momentum


Get simple & clear video trainings on exactly what you need to start increasng your core membership prices and what you need to do to market & sell your programs. We walk you through our 5 core systems that give you a simple, lean & profitable gym.


Every Tues at 3pm EST, you’ll experience unmatched live coaching with me & our marketing director, Andrea. We’ll walk you through each step of the process and give you feedback & direction on building a simple, lean & profitable gym. 


Get an additional 6- 1:1 support calls during the 12 weeks to customize the strategy and work on any unique business issue you might be experiencing. 


Ask questions, get feedback in real time, in between calls, inside our private slack group that is organized and simple to navigate.

When You Enroll You Get Access To

The Simple, Lean & Profitable Framework – Learn how to simplify your gym, run a lean operation & maintain high profit margins. Build a gym that can provide you with a professional salary & a flexible lifestyle.

Attract High Quality Group Members  Learn how to market your program in a unique way & position yourself in your local market so you can attracts quality members who can (and will) pay for your core membership at a profitable rate…and stay long term. 

The P.P.R Method – Our process for strategically increasing your prices to profitable rates for all existing clients. This method ensure you walk through the processs with confidence and without losing all your members.

High Converting Texting Script – Get access to our proprietary texting scripts that start conversations & turn cold leads into prospects who are ready to buy. Never be confused about what to say & navigate a conversation with a lead with confidence.

Group Baseline Onboard Strategy – Drop “PT first” as a way to onboard & create another way to onboard clients that is safe, effecient & profitable. 

3 Month Licensing To CRM Proprietary Templates – Get email campaigns, texting scripts, automations & a lead organization system already built out & ready to use from Day 1. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls & 1:1 Calls – Receive weekly coaching on mindset & strategy to build a gym that provides you with a professional salary of at least $5k take-home & a lifestyle of freedom. 

What To Expect With A Simple, Lean & Profitable Gym Model

Next Steps

Book A 15 Min Call With

Learn more about our simple gym model & see if it lines up with your goals & values. 

Learn The Simple, Lean & Profitable Framework

Implement our strategies to create a gym that is simple to run, lean to operate & highly profitable.

Earn A Professional Salary & Get Back More Time Freedom

Pay yourself  a professional income of (at least) $5k/month & reduce your evening/weekend hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this program for me?

This is for all brick & mortar gym owners who want to learn how to package, market & sell a core group membership at a profitable rate.

 You must also: 

1. Be a full time gym owner fully dedicated to growing your core group program

2. Be open to the idea of increasing core group rates for new & existing members

2. "I live in a "x" market...will this work for me?"

Yes, we have tested & tried methods. They have worked for hundreds of clients in all types of markets. 

If you are commited to growing your core group program, it doesn’t matter where you are located, Factory Forged Momentum was made for you. 

3. How much access to Chris will I get?

You will have 6 – 1:1 calls and 12 group coaching calls with Chris. 

4. Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee you will make your investment back in 12 weeks or less. 


If you don’t, we’ll coach you until you do. 

5. How long do I get access to the Momentum Course Content?

Forever! Not only that, but you get access to all future course updates.