Factory Forged Momentum

A 90-day group program for gym owners who want to enroll their first 10 members into profitable group memberships

More members or more leads don’t matter if you’re selling underpriced group memberships

You need 3 things to turn your passion for fitness into a long-term, sustainable career.

A scalable group membership that creates valuable results for your new & existing members.

The ability to sell that group program at a profitable rate. A profitable rate is a rate that allows you to cover operating expenses, owner’s pay, team payroll and still have money left over for profit.

A marketing system that generates consistent high-quality leads that will buy profitable group membership despite your local market or competition.

If one of those is missing…you’ll experience bursts of growth but you’ll never truly build a profitable business that supports you long term.

 “Get more leads, make more sales, sell more personal training” has become the battle cry of the group fitness industry.

You’ve been told things like…


You need to sell 1:1 personal training because then you can charge more

You have to offer a lot of programs so your members can buy more

You just need more leads, as long as they get in the door you’ll be able to close more


But after years of exhausting these short-term growth strategies, we still have too many gym owners working 60 hour weeks and only making enough to get by…


Our industry got stuck at “more” 


But more leads and even more sales won’t make a significant impact if you’re still charging $135 – $195/month for your group memberships. 


If you want to want to create financial security, you’re going to need to learn how to scale your group membership and learn how to sell them at profitable rates.


I can show you show to do that.

Inside Factory Forged Momentum, you will learn sell group memberships at profitable pricing


You likely chose your pricing based on answering the question “what are other gyms charging?” But it’s time to set your profitable rates and start selling a profitable group membership that can truly scale your business. 


Learn exactly what you need to do each week in order to get consistent leads and enroll 4-6 new members each month into profitable group memberships. You’ll learn how to attract the people who can & will invest in your programs…even in there’s cheaper options available. 


With the scaleable & profitable membership and the marketing system to fill it up, you’ll enroll your first 10 members into a profitable group membership. And once you learn how to do that, your business changes forever. 

When you enroll your first 10 members into a profitable group membership, you have the skill to repeat it long term.

Here’s Are Some Of The Results You Can Expect

I’m Chris Thorndike

I’m Chris Thorndike

In 13 years of owning a gym, I have increased my memberships from $99/month to $252/month in a market where the medium income is $34,876/year.


When you know how to sell, you can do it in any market. 


Learning to package, market & sell my core group program at a profitable rate allows me to earn a professional salary ($6k/month) while only working 4 days/week with no more evenings shifts.


I don’t sell any 1:1/PT to “make good money.”


All that’s needed is a group program (scalable offer) sold at at least $225/month (profitable rate). 


If you’re anything like my clients…

  • You don’t particularly like marketing. You will you could just coach and people could just show up.  
  • You also know you’re undercharging for your group program but don’t know where to start with raising your rates.
  • You want to increase your group prices but you’re afraid new members won’t sign up and existing members will leave
  • You’ve been doing this for over 5+ years and you’re starting to wonder if your passion for fitness can become a sustainable & long-term career. 


New members gladly enrolling into your $225/month group memberships despite tons of competitors with lower prices in your market because you know exactly how to communicate the value of your program  

Getting back hours of your time & simplifying your gym business to the point where you have weekends & evenings off

Making a professional salary ($6k/month) from your gym that allows you to contribute to supporting your family 

Delivering such an incredible service to your members that they consistently renew and are bought into what you are doing and offering

Being okay with existing members leaving because you know you have the skill to easily refill their spots if they do decide to leave. You harbor no bad feelings and just wish them well knowing your gym won’t be affected. 

What’s Inside Factory Forged Momentum


You’ll get clear & concise video trainings on how to pick a profitable price, how to create a scalable program and exact steps on how to market & sell this type of offer. 


Every Tuesdays at 3pm EST, you’ll get live coaching with Chris Thorndike & our marketing director, Andrea Ramos. We’ll walk you through each step of the process and give you feedback & personalized coaching. 


Get an additional 6- 1:1 support calls during the 90 days to customize the strategy and work on any unique business issue you might be experiencing.


Ask questions, and get feedback, in between calls, inside our private slack group that is organized and simple to navigate.

When You Enroll You Get Access To

The Simple, Lean & Profitable Framework – Learn how to pick a profitable price for your group memberships, how to create a scalable program, and the exact steps on how to market & sell this type of offer to enroll your first 10 members. 

Profitable Pricing Calculator: Learn how to determine the profitable price that will support your gym expenses, personal income, and profit goals. 

Simple Offers Framework: Get clear on exactly what you need to sell in order to grow your MMR without increasing your expenses. 

Marketing Systems That Convert: We help you build your marketing system from scratch. If you’re new to marketing, we break it down but also optimize your lead generation strategies to bring in high quality leads. 

High Converting Texting Script – Get access to our proprietary texting scripts that start conversations & turn cold leads into prospects who are ready to buy. Never be confused about what to say & navigate a conversation with a lead with confidence.

Scaling Strategies – We teach how exactly how to scale your programs & scale your delivery so that your members always get the highest quality. Our scaling strategies apply to every part of your business from onboarding to offers to servicing & even hiring. 

3 Month Licensing To CRM Proprietary Templates – Get email campaigns, texting scripts, automations & a lead organization system already built out & ready to use from Day 1. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls & 1:1 Calls – Receive weekly coaching on mindset & strategy to build a gym that provides you with a professional salary of at least $5k take-home & a lifestyle of freedom. 

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Next Steps

Book A Call

Get on a call with Chris to make a decision about your gym’s growth & trajectory

Enroll In Factory Forged Momentum

Set your profitable pricing, scale your group program, enroll your first 10 members into a $225/month program

Sell A Scalable Offer At Profitable Pricing

Once you learn to sell at a profitable price, you completely change as an owner/CEO. You start believing what’s possible and you have that skill for life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this program for me?

This is for all brick & mortar gym owners who want to learn how to package, market & sell a core group membership at a profitable rate.

You must also:

1. Be a full time gym owner fully dedicated to growing your core group program

2. Ready & will to increase core group rates for new & existing members

2. "I live in a "x" market...will this work for me?"

Yes, we have tested & tried methods. They have worked for hundreds of clients in all types of markets. 

If you are commited to growing your core group program, it doesn’t matter where you are located, Factory Forged Momentum was made for you. 

3. How much access to Chris will I get?

You will have 6 – 1:1 calls and 12 group coaching calls with Chris. 

4. Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee you will make your investment back in 12 weeks or less. 


If you don’t, we’ll coach you until you do. 

5. How long do I get access to the Momentum Course Content?

Forever! Not only that, but you get access to all future course updates.