Factory Forged Momentum

The 16-week program helping

group fitness owners grow revenue

through profitable membership rates ($225+/mo)

Group fitness gym owners are undercharging for their most scalable and profitable offer:

their group membership

The group fitness industry has been stuck in "more" mentality and it's keeping you stuck. "More leads, more sales, more programs" don't matter if your group memberships are still priced at $120 - $185/month.

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A Factory Forged, we believe in building gyms that are simple, lean and profitable.

You don't need to offer "high ticket" or lots of different program in order to bring in more revenue.

All you have to do is consistently grow your group revenue to a level that supports your gym costs, personal income & leaves you with profits.

This will require to learn how to sell group memberships at profitable rates.

We help you master the skill of profitable and scalable enrollments.

Chris Thorndike Seminar, photo credit to CrossFit
Photo Credit: CrossFit

Factory Forged Momentum

A 16 week business coaching program for group fitness gym owners

who want to grow and scale their group memberships

What You Get:

The Simple, Lean & Profitable Business Model Framework

A 6 module course that walks you through exactly how to grow your group membership by selling at profitable rates while ensuring high quality and scalable delivery of your services.

Weekly Coaching Calls

You will get live coaching by Chris. Get his expert eyes on your business model and work together on each your business systems. You'll get personalized and direct feedback to make sure your strategies are working for you and your unique circumstances.

Owner Support

Ask questions and get feedback in between your meetings. Never feel lost in between calls or when implementing new processes into your business.

Unlimited FB Ad Reviews

Get direct feedback on why your FB ads stopped converting or what you could be doing to generate more consistent leads.

16 Week Licensing To Our CRM Snapshots & Templates

16-week full access to our CRM software to create, organize, and communicate with your leads. Get branded landing pages, qualifying text scripts and member retention tools all designed to help you systemize your gym processes.

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Inside Factory Forged Momentum, you will create a simple and scalable group membership and enroll at least 10 new members into your simple and profitable group memberships. ($225+/month)

Chris Thorndike Seminar, photo credit to CrossFit
Photo Credit: CrossFit

Hi, I'm Chris Thorndike

I'm a sales and scaling coach for group fitness gym owners. I've owned my group fitness gym for 15 years and tried every strategy out there.

But after years of trial and error, I realize the only way to create a long term sustainable career was to focus on growing my group membership: my most scalable and profitable offer, and let go of all other distractions.

That's when I created the Simple, Lean And Profitable Business Model that we teach inside Factory Forged Momentum.

I believe your group fitness gym should be simple & sustainable to run, lean to operate, and highly profitable and that requires growing your most scalable offer: your group membership.

A simple and profitable group membership can create a $6k - 10k/month gym owner's take home.

I've done this for myself and have helped my clients do it too.

And now it's your turn!

Why Are 10 Simple And Profitable Enrollments Significant

Right now you might believe "no one would ever buy my group memberships" if they were priced at $200 - $275/month.

All of our clients thought the same thing.

But inside Factory Forged Momentum, we help you prove yourself wrong.

You will create a simple and profitable group membership and learn how to sell it consistently even in a market full of cheaper priced options.

You will master the skill of profitable sales. And when you hit 10 enrollments, you will no longer believe "no one would buy."

When this happens your entire business model changes and you start believing you can get all your existing members paying simple and profitable rates.

100% of our clients will end up moving their entire memberships to their updated prices...without losing all their members.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will it work for me?

Our process is guaranteed to work for you if you are ready to commit to growing and scaling your group membership.

We have helped tons of clients in different markets. We know how to help you position and sell a profitable group membership even if you believe "no one in my market can afford it."

The only thing we ask if before you apply, be open to the idea of charging more and be willing to grow in that belief. If you can do that, we'll get you results.


How much time is required to work with you each week?

Our process requires 5 hours a week to fully learn and implement the steps into practice.

Those 5 hours/week are carved out to intentionally start working "on" the business.

For most, the available time comes from cutting out unproductive or distracted work hours to find the available hours to do the work that leads to more growth and bettering their business.


What is included with your business coaching program?

  • 16 weeks of coaching with Chris, an expert sales and scaling business coach

  • 16 group coaching calls (1 per week) to help you with systems, sales and marketing

  • A 6 module video course that outlines all our proprietary strategies to running a simple, lean and profitable gym

  • 16 week CRM software to create, organize, and communicate with your leads


What do I have to include in my group memberships to sell at profitable rates?

We don't believe you have to "add more" in order to justify charing profitable rates ($225+/month).

The only thing you need to do to sell at profitable rates is get really good at communicating the value and impact of your services. We help you do that really well so you can master selling at profitable prices.


Can I still offer other services at my gym?

Yes. You can offer other services.

However, our coaching is strictly on growing your group memberships. We want you to grow your most scalable & profitable offer so that offering other services is optional.

Some of our clients sell PT until they don't need to anymore. We work with you to move you away from needing to sell other services.


Will I have to eventually charge my existing group members my updated prices?

Yes, but only when it makes financial sense and when we've weighed out the risks.

We have a process walking you through a membership price update and we will only coach you on that when you are financially, emotionally and strategically ready.

We have a 100% success rate for making sure our clients come out with more revenue even with a membership price increase of $40+/month.

Chris Thorndike Seminar, photo credit to CrossFit

How It Works

  1. Book A Call to learn our business coaching approach and strategies.

  2. Join Factory Forged Momentum to start implementing our proven steps for growing your group memberships at profitable rates.

  3. Become a highly successful gym owner with developed systems and scaling revenue.

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