Business coaching program that helps you double your take-home income and cut 10 hours from your work week.

Build Efficient Business Systems

Sign New Members Consistently

Double Your Take Home Income & Cut 10 Hours From Your Work Week

Owning a brick & mortar gym doesn’t have to be exhausting.

What if I told you there was a way double your income & cut your work week by 10 hours in the next 90 days.

That’s right. You can have both.

The money you need to take care of yourself & your family and the time you want to enjoy your life.



The Lifestyle Gym Model

The 5 Step Process we use to help our clients bring in more income and get back more time.

Deliver A Transformational Service

How to put together a high-value program that people are willing to pay more for


How to deliver an incredicble service without adding so much 1:1 time


How to keep members engaged, happy and continuig to renew

Onboard New Members Efficiently

The key to making new members feel connected to your membership & program as soon as they start


How to drop “PT first” and get back time while also keeping members safe


How to delegate onboarding to coaches so you can start taking weekends off

Enroll At The Right Price Point

How to find the right price point for your memberships that makes sense for your business growth


The mindset you need to start charging your worth & selling with confidence


How to communicate the value of your programs to your leads

Create High Quality Leads

How to get leads to stop ghosting you and what to say to get a booked appointment


The exact process I use to turn cold leads into “ready to buy” prospects


How the number of people that come in your doors

Create High Quality Leads

How to create a consistent lead flow so you never have to worry about where your next sign up will come from


The simple process our clients follow to generate both paid & organic leads 


How to generate leads without doing 6 week challenges

How To Work With Us

Apply To Our Program

Implement The “Lifestyle Gym” Model

Double Your Take Home Income & Cut 10 Hours From Your Work Week

What Our Clients Are Saying




Who We Work With

Frankly, we’re not for everyone. We only work with gym owners who have these 3 charateristics:

You must be a brick & mortar gym owner fully committed to running an in-person facility.

You must be open-minded and willing to learn & implement, even when you are uncomfortable.

You must have an intrinsic desire to be excellent at what you do and master the art & science of gym business.

If this sounds like you, you will excel in our program.

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