Build A Gym That 

Build A Gym That 

Factory Forged helps you create a simple & profitable gym.

Learn to market your gym and attract long terms quality members.

Create business systems to ensure consistent and profitable growth.

Get back more time freedom & scale your gym.

We believe in a group centered business model

The gym industry has slowly shifted away from a group centered business model.

Gyms have added 1:1 PT session or 1:1 nutrition coaching into the mix.

All to “drive up revenue.”

But in turn, this has left gym owners overworking & under earning.

We think we ahve to do this to “make good money.”

But what if you could make a solid living by only focusing on selling group?

You can.

Introducing a Group Centered Gym Model

In order for you to feel financial stable, you need to only focus on growing your group membership revenue.


Nothing will make a greater impact on your business than growing your group training autopay.


Upfront sales are nice. PT money is nice. Nutrition revenue is nice. Retail money is nice.


But it’s also fast fleeting.

To create financial stablity, you need to focus on growing your group membership revenue.


Your group autopay should cover your gym expenses, your owner salary, your team payroll and give you some profit every month.


Doing this requires you to build out profitable business  systems that gives you both: time freedom & personal income.

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How To Work With Us

Book A 15 Min Call

Let’s get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Build a simple & profitable gym

Optimize your gym by focusing group centered strategies

Earn more income & get back more time

Enjoy running your gym and all it can give you

Who We Work With

We work for gym owners who want to keep learning.


They gym owners who don’t care about having a “big gym” but are after more income, profit &time freedom.


We help gym owners who want consistent & steady growth. The gym owners who want to create lifestyle businesses that are simple, easy-to-run and highly profitable.


If this sounds like you, join our group to learn more about our strategies. 

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