Gym Owners


Who We Are

At Factory Forged, we are for gym owners.


Gym owners are often the nice guys who finish last.


We put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears and are left with a $1,000 paycheck and members leaving at a drop of a hat. 


Not anymore.


We believe gym owners deserve to be profitable, live a life of financial security and have the lifestyle freedom they desire.


And all it takes is the right strategy and mindset.

Our Mission

The better you are at leading, the more your gym will grow. 

That, combined with profitable strategies & dialed in systems will make you unstoppable.

But it all starts with you.  

Our mission is to develop gym owners into confident business owners, teach them profitable strategies and show them how to gain control over their life, finances and gym.


We’re talking full confidence in your abilty to profit and full control of your life. 


This type of control lets you provide for your family, spend your time doing the things you love and build a career you feel proud to have. 


a profitable one

Stop making it harder than it needs to be. 

There are only a few key things you need to become profitable. 

Get these down and it practically guarantees: more of the right people in the door fewer members lost each year, more than just money – profitability every month…without scammy marketing efforts or offering FREE upfront programs.

Factory Forged is different.

 We want you to have it all. 

Make more profit. 

Work flexible hours. 

Get more time with your family.

Why? Because that’s what matters to us as gym owners as well. 

With us, you won’t just be a number in our cookie cutter course. 

You get a personalized plan & attention to help you reach your income goals AND protect your lifestyle. 

Say goodbye to the 5am – 9pm. 

Because you don’t have to work 80 hours a week to make good money. 

Get back your time and profit.

How It Works

Book a breakthrough call

Tell us what’s working and what’s not working at your gym and discover what’s holing you back from your next revenue goal. 

Get a coach & personal game plan

Get a personalized business plan and the coach to help you implement the strategies and turn you into a confident business owner. 

Build A Profitable Gym

Restructure your gym, start getting more people in the door and keep them for life. 

See the results

Shane Beck

Life before Factory Forged was a little crazy. We were a new business and Factory Forged helped me learn systems to get organized and gave me time back. I had been neglecting time with family and spouse and I got that back and the lifestyle I wanted. If you have goals you’re working towards, they are attainable with some help and guidance from the Factory Forged team.

Dan Hagerman

My business has dramatically changed. I was used to enrolling 1-2 people/month and really thought I tapped out my small community. After joining Factory Forged, in 2 weeks, I had 8 new people enroll in my program. I’m most excited about the systems I’ve been given that will continue to increase my member retention. Without a doubt, this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

Courtney Shoemaker

Before Factory Forged, we were making $6,000 a month. During our time with Factory Forged we’ve grown dramatically, have hit our first $30,000 month and have just over 200 members. We’ve learned a ton about processes and they have held us accountable to get things done and keep moving forward. 

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