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Why your gym isn’t consistently growing (and how you can fix it!)

It seems like no matter what you try, you can’t consistently grow your gym. 


You’ve probably gotten so frustrated that you’ve even hired a “gym guru.” 


They taught you how to run a “FREE 6 Week Challenge” but you soon realize it’s not sustainable.


You end up bringing in the wrong clients and creating a ton of work. 


Gym gurus offer bandaids that end up costing you time and money in the long wrong. 


This is why you’re stuck. 


You didn’t actually learn how to build a gym. that consistently grows your membership base. 


You didn’t start with the end in mind to build a gym that gives you profit and lifestyle. 


You didn’t get the tools to you needed to create sustainable, long term growth…in any market. 


You didn’t hire a true expert on creating sustainable growth. 

The Missing Link

Holding You Back From Consistent Growth

The reason you can’t consistently grow your gym is because you are focusing on the wrong things


You think all you need is more sign-ups. 


You think all you need more is high-quality leads. 


You think you all you need is a better market. 


What you actually need is to focus on the 4 PROFIT PRINCIPLES.


When you’re trying to build a profitable gym, it will cost you TONS OF MONEY and take MORE TIME, if you’re focusing on the WRONG things.


Don’t be fooled by those flashy headlines.


It’s not hard to make “$40,000 in new sign-ups”…but no one teaches you how to grow in profitability every single month.


That’s because more “gym gurus” and marketing agencies don’t know the group fitness space. They’re not real experts.


Some of them have never actually owned a group fitness gym.


What you need to do is focus on the RIGHT things and start building your gym based off the 4 PROFIT PRINCIPLES.   

How to consistently grow your membership base

using the 4 profit principles

Ensuring profitability comes from pricing your services at the right number and having a consistent way of enrolling members each month. 

Living a lifestyle you enjoy comes from learning to scale, efficient systems & training your team to replace you. 

It all comes down to doing these 4 things really well.

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How It Works

Book a breakthrough call

Tell us what’s working and what’s not working at your gym and discover what’s holing you back from your next revenue goal. 

Get a coach & personal game plan

Get a personalized business plan and the coach to help you implement the strategies and turn you into a confident business owner. 

Build A Profitable Gym

Restructure your gym, start getting more people in the door and keep them for life. 

See the results


“I can honestly say that this is the best decision I’ve made, and the smartest decision I’ve made, as a business owner to make the strides towards where I wanted to be in terms of my financial health and my future.”


“We’ve added $7,000 in revenue over the last 4 weeks and we don’t see ourselves slowing down any time soon”

KD and Darin

KD and Darin paid off $14,400 in debt, took 4 vacations during the pandemic, hired 2 new team members, are making a consistent and competitive income, and are now saving for their dream home!

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