Do you hone in on your business skills the way you do your coaching skills?

My guess is…probably not.

A lot of my clients come to me not knowing where to start, how to set up their schedules, how to bring in more clients, how to increase their prices or how to build their programs so they can sell them at a higher price.

As an industry, we haven’t really embraced business to the level of intensity we need to…and this year it showed.

COVID caught a lot of us with our pants down. ??

So going forward, what do you want?

What type of business do you want to run?

A majority of our industry is okay with a hobby business or working to support their gym or “getting by”…is that you? Is that good enough for you too?

If you’ve made it through this year you know you have the grit to endure.

Imagine what your grit paired with business strategy would give you?

✅ A gym that consistently grows in membership base & profit.

✅ A schedule that gives you time freedom.

✅ A predictable process to bring in new members.

What’s stopping you from getting that? Business skills?

One of our clients, Cheryl, is a 10-year affiliate owner. She came to us stuck on what she should be working on.

She’s an incredible coach…but hadn’t honed in her business skills.

She’d done challenges.

She’d outsourced to marketing agencies.

She’d tried free trials.

But at the end of the day, she still didn’t really know what she needed to be doing in her gym to consistently grow.

Within a couple of weeks of working with us, she had taken clear action steps, set up her schedule, and started enrolling her ideal clients at much higher prices.

She’s also running FB ads and enrolling members at $499 for 6 weeks and has the automated systems in place to easily convert members to long term. She would also describe herself as “not tech-savvy” but has managed to learn how to effectively run FB ads, knows how to get people through her doors through the CRM we provide, and can confidently sell programs at higher prices.

I’m so happy for Cheryl and all the progress and growth she’s made as a business owner in the past 6 months. She doesn’t need to rely on a marketing agency or marketing play in order to run her business. She has complete control over what she needs to be doing in order to grow her gym…even in this crazy time/market.

If you’re done with the marketing plays and guru programs and want to actually learn how to run a business. A business that gives you INCOMELIFESTYLE, and PROFIT, book a call with us.

Our programs teach you the fundamentals your need in order to grow your gym:

Profit Pillar #1: Create a unique business plan based on your income, lifestyle, and profit goals.

Profit Pillar #2: Build a scaleable membership that solves your clients’ biggest problem.

Profit Pillar #3: Gain the skills to confidently enroll long term dream members into a premium offer.

Profit Pillar #4: Learn to consistently attract ideal prospects who are ready to buy and ready to commit.

If you want to build your gym the RIGHT way…you need to execute on all those pillars.

Schedule a time to talk here.