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Traits Of Successful Salespeople

By October 31, 2018Sales

What truly sets the best salespeople apart from the ones who don’t make it?

Is it a finely tuned repertoire of objection stoppers?

Perhaps a perfect script?

Maybe it’s natural born charisma?

Nope. Stay with me, because this will sound a little crazy…

None of those things matter.

You’re asking, understandably… What DOES matter, then?

Fair question.

What matters are the traits often overlooked by those entrenched in the old way of selling, to be honest.

And by the way, the old way no longer works with today’s buyers. They can see those old icky tactics from a mile away and are running for the hills long before you ever get a chance to close the sale.

The only true constant is change—why should it be any different for sales?

Right now, a new breed of salesperson is out there dominating the scene—one who understands the new way of working with clients that actually feels good, even when they don’t enroll.

These individuals are taking an entirely new approach to sales.

No more high pressure.

No more slick tactics.

No more trying to close.

Listen, if you’ve been put off by sales in the past, you’ll love this episode. I guarantee it.

If the old way of selling made you sick to your stomach, then this episode is your relief.

When you listen, you’ll discover…

Why the old way of selling doesn’t work…

And why it’s next to impossible to get you or your team to buy into it.

How to spot old school sales training techniques so you can run the other way…

What the actual role of the salesperson is and why they might be the most critical member of your team…

And much, much more.

Listen Now.

To book your breakthrough call, head over to www.enrollmentmachine.com/call

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