I want to share an inspiring story from one of my clients, Cheryl. Cheryl is a 13-year affiliate owner. Before working with us, she’d been in a couple of coaching programs and gotten some quick leads.

However, she was still unclear on what she needed to be doing to consistently grow her gym after the program had ended. They gave her a “play to run” but didn’t actually coach her on becoming a business owner.

The lack of clarity had her feeling paralyzed and trapped inside her own business. She felt so defeated having a gym for as long as she had (10+ years), and still “not knowing what to do” to grow her gym.

Cheryl stumbled into our facebook group, The Art of a Profitable Gym and we got connected.

She was looking for something different. She was done with cookie cutter programs. She wanted to learn the business strategy & systems to sustainability grow her gym.

Like many gym owners, Cheryl’s marketing strategy was to wait and see. She’d wait for people to inquire about her programs, she’s wait for people to call her, she’s wait for people to ask.

She didn’t have a marketing plan that was more proactive in generating high quality leads on a weekly basis.

Throughout our 12 weeks, I personally guided her through our 4 PillarsTo Profit Framework.

Pillar #3 is learn to consistently attract ideal prospects who are ready to buy & ready to commit.

Step by step, we started reworking her systems & processes and putting her gym on the road to profitability.

It wasn’t just about making lots of a cash for 1-2 months. We reworked her entire business model so she could have more time & money.

During our time, Cheryl and her gym have had a tremendous transformation.

In the last week, she’s made $3,500 in sales.

She’s excited about her enrollment appts/calls now. She used to dread them!

She’s consistently generating paid & organic traffic. Yes, organic.

Before us, she was getting 5 leads/month. In the last week, she’s gotten over 40 high quality leads because of our framework & coaching.

She was able to make all this progress because she had:

1. A step by step plan to follow

2. A business coach to guide her and hold her accountable to implement…even when she didn’t want to.

Our 4 Pillars To Profit Framework along with our 1:1 business coaching is a powerful combination.

Cheryl wanted to become a business owner. She wanted to actually learn the ins & outs of business so that she could create financial stability in her life. And she’s doing it!!

Had she not invested in herself and her career, she’d still be stuck. She’d still be barely making it by, with no plan, waiting for prospects, and growing more tired & weary each day.

Our coaching is only for the gym owners who are hungry to grow. The ones who want to become full fledged entrepreneurs who run profitable business. You just need the guidance, direction and game plan to follow.

If that’s you, book a call with us.

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