I remember the day I decided to stop my noon class. I was walking into the gym from a meeting and saw my coaching team training. All 5 of them were working out in the noon class.

I went up to the office and laughed a little. I was paying 1 of my coaches to train my other coaches. And none of my them pay for a membership.

Essentially, my noon class was costing me money. Big fail.

My noon class had always been a struggle to fill. Sure we got some people but it never reached our 12-15 people cap.

Not to mention having a noon class meant I had to deal with the scheduling logistics of covering 3 shifts:

>> Morning

>> Afternoon

>> Evening

I couldn’t have a coach cover 4:30am – 2pm, so I’d split that to 2 shifts.

1. 4:30am – 9am

2. 9am – 2pm

Sound familiar?

My coach who covered the 2nd shift did admin work, oversaw open gym, coached the noon class and then went home.

That whole second shift was costing me money. But it wasn’t until the moment I walked in and saw all my coaches being trained by another coach that it was glaringly obvious to me. I had never paid attention to how profitable my classes were.

Honestly, I forgot why I even started a noon class. My guess is a couple of members suggested it and I said “sure why not, I can do that.”

I didn’t run the numbers.

I didn’t do the business math.

I didn’t make a profitable decision.

I used to make a lot of decisions this way. A lot of gym owners make decisions that way. We tend to “think it’s a good idea” but don’t really run the numbers.

Making educated business decisions that lead to profit is one of the most crucial business skills you will need to learn to run a successful business.

Most gym owners skip this part. And it’s the biggest thing that holds us back to building a profitable and growing business. We don’t know what we should be doing, what decisions we should be making and the best approach to take.

If you’re a gym owner struggling right now, not knowing what you should be doing to grow your gym…just know, this doesn’t have to be your “normal.”

Our approach is different. We don’t just want to you run a “6 week challenge” and apply a cookie cutter business strategy. We want you to become a competent and successful CEO who can grow your gym and lead your community.

A CEO who knows how to grow your business just as confidently as you know how to teach someone to squat. We want you to feel the sense of control and certainty in your business, the same way you do running your classes.

In our program we actually do the work that will make a lasting impact. Not just some sales for a month or 2. We show you how to grow sustainably.

It’s more than just getting more leads. It’s about reworking your business model to give you more income, impact and lifestyle.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’ll never figure out how to grow your gym and want someone to guide you as you turn into to the CEO your gym needs, book a call to talk to us.

How to work with us:

1. Book a call.

2. Enroll in our program

3. Implement our 4 profit pillars to start learning how to create sustainable, long term growth for your gym.