Looking out at your 5:30pm class and only seeing 5-6 people, and each is only paying $120 – $150/month?

This isn’t a profitable strategy, [First Name]. I don’t know your exact numbers. But I know enough about the gyms to know that if you’re charging $120 – $150/month, you’re losing money each class.

Now imagine looking at your 5:30pm class, still with 5-6 people, but they’re each paying $240 – $300/month.

Did you just think “there’s no way…”?

That’s probably why you’re charging so low.

Because you believe, “there’s no way anyone would ever pay that for my memberships?”

And that’s the VERY reason why your gym isn’t profitable.

Did you feel that at the pit of your stomach? Good. It means you still care. Which means you haven’t given up. Keep reading.

If you really want to be profitable, then you need to stop doing what you’ve always done (charging low). It no longer works. I’d even say…it’s never worked.

Think about it:

A personal trainer charges between $60 – $100/hour. Why? Because they priced programming, goals, check-ins, etc.

They do more than show up to train for an hour, there’s a lot of prep work.

But let me ask you, why does the price for group go DRASTICALLY down?

12 classes at $150/month = $12.50/class (or in other words, $12.50/hour).

But you do a lot more than just offer a class, right?

You offer “off the floor” coaching, provide nutrition guidance, give email support, etc.

So why haven’t you priced any of that into your group prices?

And while we’re here…how did you determine your prices to begin with?

Because that’s what your competitors were charging?

Again, not a profitable strategy.

I know what you’re thinking…” but my market won’t buy…”

That’s what our client thought when we started working together.

But now they’re charging, $200-$300/month.

We guided them through each stage of structuring their programs. We didn’t just say “increase your prices.”

We made sure their gym systems (and mindset) were ready for the price increase. It’s not about charging a premium price without providing premium service.

Brick & mortar gyms require profitable strategies. It’s not just a volume game. Volume brings expenses. More expenses eat up profit.

Here’s what happens when you run your gym based on profitable strategies:

1. The memberships roll in because you have predictable lead generation and predictable revenue.  And you’re not constantly wondering when your next sale is coming.

2. You know the exact business tasks you need to do daily to market & grow your gym. And you’re not drowning working “in” the business.

3. You’re crystal clear on your profit drivers. And you start getting more time back and leveraging your team.

Focusing on profitable strategies is the key to making your gym work…not just right now…but for years to come.

Wanna get this down sooner rather than later?

Apply to Momentum. This isn’t a cookie-cutter course. We offer personal guidance & accountability to help you through each stage of growing your gym.

The coaching you receive will depend on where you’re at, what type of gym you want to run, and where you want to end up.

Stop waiting until “you’re ready.” All our clients (the ones charging $200-$300/month) signed up before they felt “ready.” And now they’re profitable.

Have questions? Reply back and I can answer them for you.

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