Raise your hand if you roll your eyes when you see a guru ads…

“Jane made $117,000 in 7 days!!”

“75 new clients through the door”

“$20k in 60 days…guaranteed!”

“Gym owner made $80k during shutdown”

It’s a noisy world in the gym consulting space. So many distractions and flashy headlines.

Every time I cringe because I know they are distractions.

If you’re anything like me, you want to run your brick & mortar gym. You also want to pay yourself a professional salary. And you want to get back time freedom and have peace of mind because you fully understand how to grow and run your business.

I know this because this is what I wanted. But I spent so much time at the beginning of my career as a gym owner getting distracted.

It took me a long time to discover what I actually needed to be working on.

Ready to hear it?

Group training revenue needs to be able to cover business expenses.

I’m going to say that again.

Group training revenue needs to be able to cover your business expenses (salary included). 

Before you do anything else, you need to solve this issue.

Don’t add a nutrition program.

Don’t add a cash injection with a “FREE” challenge.

Don’t offer PT to make a quick buck.

Solve the REAL issue.

Group training revenue needs to be able to cover your business expenses (salary included). 

But this is hard right? Because in order to have your group training revenue cover your gym expenses, 1 big thing needs to happen.

You need to increase your prices.

Here’s likely what just went through your head:

“But I can’t increase my prices…”

“No one would buy my classes…”

“I don’t know how to even build a program worth a price increase…”

“It wouldn’t work in my market…”

These are the very thoughts & beliefs holding you back.

This is your problem. This is what you need to focus on solving.

You need to create a program worthy of a premium price.

You need to be confident, and stand behind, your premium prices.

A combination of strategy & mindset.

If you skip this, you will always think the answer is “more.”

You’ll always be chasing down “more leads.” You’ll always be wanting to add “more options.” You’ll always be working “more hours.”

But “more” is not the answer. “More” leads to burnout.

So stop falling for the bandaid and distractions, gym owner.

These things keep you living month by month and feeling like you’re always trying to “make ends meet.” Or feeling like every month the clock starts all over again and you’re left wondering if you can pay yourself this month.

That’s a brutal place to be. I was there for years. Spinning in circles, distracted, with no clear plan.

If you are DONE trying these bandaid approaches and cookie-cutter templates and you are ready to actually build a sustainable gym…then apply to work with me.

I make sure we build a gym that fits your income, lifestyle & profit goals…and avoid the costly mistakes keeping you stuck.

Apply here to work with us. Only serious applicants. You need to be growth-oriented, driven, and have an eagerness to learn business skills and entrepreneurship.


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