Factory Forged Momentum

Build a profitable gym that supports your lifestyle

Factory Forged Momentum is the trusted program that takes you from exhausted and stuck to profitable and growing steadily. 
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Imagine going from relying on sporadic word-of-mouth and random social media posts to ...getting consistent clients every week, having classes running at full-capacity, and working normal hours - all without running bait-and-switch challenges that don't align with your values?

If you are a full-time gym owner who wants:

> A business that provides a reliable personal income for you and your family

> The security knowing you have a gym that can consistently attract high-value, premium-paying members

> To stop working 50+ hours each week and get back some time freedom

This is the program for you!

Let me ask you: Is your gym set up to succeed no matter what?
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The fitness space is a $100 billion industry and projected to grow even more. What if you ensured your gym's success both with in-person and online program?

You became a gym owner to help people.

But what you didn't necessarily sign up for was:

The  4am-8pm workdays

➜ The unsteady paycheck (if at all)

➜ The ongoing anxiety about new signups

➜ The revolving door of member leaving

➜ Or the missed life moments because as always, you're at the gym. 

What if you got the exact process to increasing your member base every single month...without running challenges that don't result i sustainable growth?
Does this sound like you?

You haven't been able to pay yourself the income you need. 

You wish you knew if you were getting paid this month but you have no idea because you don't have a reliable system to always bring in new members and consistently increase your revenue.

You work long hours. I'm talking 5 am to 8 pm.

Even if you can do it...deep down you know, there has to be a better way. You're tired of being at the gym all the time and missing out on time with your kids or partner. It's a constant pull between business and personal time, and unfortunately, business always seems to win.

You're drained from losing members each month.

No matter how hard to try to keep your members, they eventually leave. You wish you had #diehards who stayed long-term but the reality is you get 5+ cancellations each month and it never seems like you can get ahead.

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Factory Forged Momentum is the program that will help you consistently grow your member base, increase your retention rate, get back your time, and enjoy running a gym that gives you profit and freedom. 
"Before Factory Forged there were glimpses of greatness but no clear approach to reach long-term goals. Joining Factory Forged was like peeling back the layers and defining the foundation to build on. We got business direction, resources, real-time problem solving, and ultimately mastery of how you want to live while running a business. We're constantly assessed and held accountable on a group and individual basis. This type of interaction is what really sped up the growth in my business. It's also what is now freeing up time for me to spend on other things while enjoying better profitability."
Byron Dyce, FF Client
Just Imagine...
How incredible it will feel to wake up seeing your team sold 3 memberships last night and your classes were running at full capacity.

You get to enjoy a stress-free morning with your partner and feel confident your team and your systems are ensuring your gym is running smoothly.

You enjoy driving to the gym and are excited and crystal clear on your daily business tasks. You know exactly how to grow your gym and have the clarity and confidence to execute successfully.

You can even jump into the noon class and enjoy a WOD with your community. Or coaching a class for fun, and not because you have to coach.

You have the power to choose.

You have a gym that gives you profit & lifestyle.
It's not your fault if you don't have this yet.
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 ▶ No one taught you how to run a profitable business. But it's time you learn the ins and outs on profitable business systems that drive business growth.

▶ You're an owner/operator/coach and don't have time to do everything. You need clarity on how to grow your gym and not waste time, energy & money "doing research" or trying to "figure it out." Especially when a process already exists. 

▶ You've never been taught sales or marketing but you need to find a way to stand out in your competitive market, preferable without feeling like a slimy salesperson. 

I'm a gym owner. I've been there too.

I've lived the "my coach left with 50% of my members" story.

I've gotten the call right before class that my business partner quit while I was out of town.

I know what it's like to desperately need more sign ups because rent is coming up. 

I know what it's like.

And it wasn't until I learned how to run a business, and not just be a coach. I had to become a business owner.

I could teach someone how to effectively clean & jerk, but I lacked the business skills to grow a profitable gym.

I thought I had the background. I graduated with a degree in business management, but it wasn't enough. I needed to learn the ins & outs of a gym business

So I hired a coach and he gave me a process. I took it and worked on optimizing this process to fit perfectly for my gym business, specifically group training gyms.


I started implementing systems. I started bringing in new members who wouldn't leave after 3 months but would stay long term. 

I dialed in processes. I increase retention. I stopped replacing people every month.

Then I started teaching other gym owners friends what I was doing and knew I had something very unique when it started working for them too. 

A process that didn't just focus on "leads" but true membership growth, profitably and focused on developing the gym owner as a business leader. 

This is the exact process I teach my clients inside Factory Forged Momentum.
Building a profitable gym that supports your lifestyle. 
Factory Forged Clients
This program has helped me see how much value I give to my clients and I’m much more organized about my time and the way my business is run. This is the biggest step I have taken for my business. I appreciate your help and would highly recommend Factory Forged to any box owner. I had my doubts at first but once I started the program...it’s been great for my business, great for my family, and also great for me. I'm motivated again. Money well spent...best investment that I have made in business since opening 6 years ago.
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Adam Lowe
Factory Forged Client
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Marco Alejandro
Factory Forged Client
Factory Forged Momentum is the proven program for gym owners who want to create a sustainable business that consistently brings in new members and lets you, as the owner, enjoy the lifestyle you've always wanted.
Here's why this is different than anything else out there:

Our program focuses on your specific business issues and offers 1:1 AND group coaching to help you build a business that best works for you.

You will not be "just a number" who gets access to a course or gets put in a cookie cutter program with no customization.

Our unique "Build With You" model ensures you get weekly Zoom access to connect with Chris himself and work our your specific business issues.

We determine the right strategy that will bring you the most profit and makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

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This program is not about boosting your revenue numbers for a month or getting you tons of leads that don't convert or stay long term.

This program focused on helping you build a profitable gym that supports your lifestyle.

Past Factory Forged Clients

Program Results:

  • $30,000 in revenue generated in 12 weeks
  • $7,000 increase in autopay in 12 weeks
  • Made major shifts in selling with confidence
  • Built out signature programs and increase client retention
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Kyle Jack
Factory Forged Client

Program Results:

  • Increase prices from $80/mo to $300/mo
  • Can take  off 2 months off every single year
  • Consistently makes $30-40k months
  • Has a team of 4 full time coaches
  • 6 year client (Our clients stick around!)
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Dmitry Altshul
Factory Forged Client
Let's flash-forward 12 weeks
Just imagine what's possible when you have a sustainable business that signs up 10 new members each month and consistently grows in autopay.

A steady paycheck gives you security and provides for your family.

You have a profitable business that lets you enjoy vacations, get a new car, save for a down payment on a house or do a full upgrade of your gym equipment.

You feel so proud to lead your community and so proud of the incredible culture you have cultivated. Imagine being able to create #diehard loyalty with members that signed up last week.

You spend evenings with your family, get to play more golf or do a  2-hour ROMWOD, and are forever done with the 5am - 7pm work days.

This isn't a "one size fits all" program. Here you'll learn what it takes to create a business that consistently profits and get the 1:1 support you need to build out your gym step-by-step. 
Here's What's Included in Momentum:
12 weeks of business coaching understanding our signature framework that focuses on: profit & lifestyle
6 - 1:1 Coaching calls with Chris so we can go over your specific business issues
24 - group Coaching Calls to stay connected with other gym owners and get weekly support on business issues
6 modules covering our exact process with video trainings, specific action steps and deadlines to keep you on track
Private Facebook Group for our clients to ask questions
Continuous access to most updated marketing assets to always make sure you're bringing in new members
Here's why now is the perfect time for you to join this program:

>> Building your dream gym and business doesn't have to be a far reaching "maybe one day" goal. You can start building a stable business that provides for your family and consistently grows today.

>> Nothing will change in your gym, life, career if you don't take action and make a decision to level up. How disappointing would it be to look back in a year and still be in the same place you're in now?

>> You don't always have the luxury of waiting. You are losing out on the most valuable resource you have: time.

>> Don't wait until you feel comfortable, have enough money to invest, or it's a "good time". If you do, you will never grow your gym.

>> The time to grow and commit to your goals is always now, Whether you're a person trying to lose your first 10 lbs or a gym owner trying to pay themselves every month, the best time to start is now.