Ep #93: The Problem With “Done For You” Programs

In this episode, we discuss the issues we see with program that offer to “do it for you.” This clashes with the skills & systems you need to build before you can outsource and have someone do it for you. We talk about when to outsource and when to be knee deep in creating & developing the skills you need as an entrepreneur. 
There’s a difference between someone coaching you to become the person your business needs and someone “doing it for you” so you can have some “false” growth. One creates long lasting impact and the other is a bandaid. 

What You Will Learn

  • Why “do it for you” isn’t always want you need
  • When is the best time outsource at your gym
  • What you need to create before you outsource
  • The 5 key systems you need in place before you step away

Featured On This Episode