Ep #92: How To Use The Strategy Of Overdelivering At Your Gym

A big strategy I have used at my gym for the past 10 years is the strategy of “overdelivering.” I strive to make my service such a great deal that my clients feel like they are getting more value than they actually pay for. This has been instrumental when I raise rates because it allows me to justify a price increase when we constantly overdeliver on the service. 
In this episode, listen as I talk through how I use this strategy in my program and how you can implement some of these tactics in your own gym. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a service that “wow”s your clients
  • What you have to add to your program in order to increase the value
  • Why this strategy over time creates more impact for you and your clients
  • The 3 categories I focus on when “overdelivering” 

Featured On This Episode