Episode #90: Why Personal Training Is Actually A Revenue Bottleneck

You don’t need personal training to make good money.
You don’t need personal training to keep clients safe.
In this episode we talk about why personal training is actually creating a revenue bottleneck at your gym. We dissect all the ways why PT might not be the best business model for you to run, especially if you want to have a lifestyle of freedom.
We also cover the best way to run your brick & mortar gym if you want to focus on group training and make good money doing it. We also introduce the onboarding method our clients use to onboard new clients profitably and effectively.

What You Will Learn

  • The biggest reason “PT first” doesn’t work for brick & mortar gyms
  • What issues come up when you try to grow using the wrong business model
  • How to transition to a group baseline onboard
  • Why a “PT first” model will eventually burn you out

Featured On This Episode