Episode #86: The Difference Between Growing And Scaling

In 2018, I realized I had master the “growth stage” but I hadn’t started in the “scale stage.” 

I had grown my gym to over 200 members, was offering tons of programs, had a full blown team. On paper, I looked successful but I had nothing to show for it. 

I had focused on growing for the first 10 years of my business but never actually started to scale. 

In this episode, I share the difference between “growing” and “scaling” and why it’s important that as group training gyms that we learn to scale. 

Because as you grow you don’t just want more revenue. You want to make more revenue, with less time & effort. That is the key to sustainable growth. 

What You Will Learn

  • What happens when you stay in the growth stage for too long
  • Why it’s easier to focus on growth and avoid scaling
  • How to recognize if you’re not scaling
  • What steps to take in order to start scaling your gym

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