Adding more members to your gym doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to grow your take-home owner income. 


For some of you, that might not be the goal. That’s okay. 


But for others of you, that is the goal.


You want to earn a professional income from your gym, create a long-term career, and do be able to get paid for something you’re passionate about. 


If that’s what you want, then you have to consider that “more members” isn’t all you need. 

You don’t need “more members” or “more leads”…


You need to make good money with less time/resources while creating impactful transformations for your members. 


Here’s what your gym business actually needs: 

1. A marketing system that consistently brings in qualified leads

2. A scalable group membership that delivers a lot of value to your members

3. A sales process that allows you to sell profitable group memberships no matter where you live


In the video below, I go into how to do each of these things and what to consider when building this out for your gym.  

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