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Minimum Coaching Offer

By December 31, 2018Client Service


How do you provide more value to your members?

I posed that question recently to my team. We talked through a range of possibilities before I offered them the answer. I’ll share it with you, too. But first, I want to talk about a couple things that are crucial to understand. Because maximizing the value you’re able to provide to your members is so important, I’ve decided to take this discussion beyond my coaches’ development course to share not only with my own gym, but everyone. All of you! That’s how important this is. Because it can radically change how you serve your members and how your business runs and takes in earnings.

First and foremost, I need you to understand that your members pay you–they’re not your friends. There’s a misconception in our industry that we should be tight with our members, but in reality, our focus should be on serving and coaching, not being their friend. Empathy, yes. A listening ear, absolutely. But friends don’t pay friends. We’re providing a professional service.

Second, I need you to understand that all the things you boast about–the certifications, the equipment, the size of your gym–members don’t care. It’s the reason some gyms in the market can be dinghy and small and lack nice equipment. It’s why we’re able to beat global gyms–members truly care about just one thing: results.

Provide. Results. Understand why a member came to you in the first place, why they decided to work with you. It’s because they’re in a state of pain. They’re in search of a transformation, which you need to deliver. Develop a fast and repeatable process of obtaining results, and then help as many as possible with that process.

In Niche 2.0, we help you discover that one person you help, that one audience you can keep helping with that same play, over and over to the point that it becomes part of your DNA. This also means, you have to stop trying to help everybody. Stop. Stop thinking you’re in the fitness industry.

Wait… What? Nope, not a typo. You, friend, are in the transformation industry. And to deliver on that promise, you must focus on delivering one type of transformation. Is it fat loss? Is it helping someone get out of chronic pain? Is it honing athletes for their sports pursuits? Figure it out, and deliver, deliver, deliver results. But stop trying to help everybody.

Something else I sat down to discuss with my team is the concept of friction, and it’s an important one, so I’m going to bring you in on it as well. Friction is actually great for your business, so don’t run from it. It provides us with much-needed feedback on how to improve. However, there’s a distinction between friction in our process as we further our mission… and friction for our members. You need to make it your job to identify, understand and eliminate points of friction for your members.

Here are my three cardinal rules for improving your delivery of value and transformation:
When speaking to a prospect, or current client, you should only talk about the desired state they’re trying to move to–the transformed state. You’re framing the destination for them, helping them focus on what life will be like when they reach the destination.
Price your value on what it means to be that transformed person. So many sell a 3-time a week membership that is so disconnected from the transformation. It’s crucial to wrap the value of the membership around that all-important end result. How you do it doesn’t matter…. 3 days a week, 5 days a week, red pill, blue pill… Doesn’t matter. Focus on the end state.
Think of it as a grocery bag. Stay with me here… When you’re making a specific meal, you probably don’t go out buying a ton of extra groceries, right? No, you’re buying steak, sweet potatoes and salad. Into the cart goes the rib-eye, the sweet potatoes, the Caesar dressing and Romaine lettuce. The key ingredients, pure and simple. Here’s my point: All the extras you’re tossing into the bag, you’re thinking of them as value. But in reality, those extras are creating friction, and it’s slowing your member’s transformation down. Learn what your MCO is (minimum coaching offer). When you build out your program, ask yourself, if you were to strip the whole thing down, what is the minimum product you can offer to get your members their desired results–and how fast can you deliver it?

That mindset shift, focusing on the transformation and the speed with which you can deliver, and trimming away at the fat of your program…. Here’s where you get really good at delivering on your program. Build it so that it’s so simple, anybody can do it. Then, add speed and consistency and wrap the whole thing up with the transformation you create. That, in a nutshell, is how you bring more value to your coaching program. NOT stacking other programs together, adding this, adding that. Don’t dilute your product and create confusion. Be a specialist! Because in business, being a generalist… Doesn’t. Work.

I want to see you hone your craft, become a specialist and identify your demographic–the one you’re the absolute best at helping–bundle up that value and transformation and crush it! Nobody will be able to keep pace with you once you do that.

Remember, if you’re struggling, schedule your breakthrough call. My team is here to help you discover who your dream client is, what the value of your coaching program is, and how to go find that demographic you’re ideally suited to help achieve their goals. For every call we have with a gym owner, that is our number one priority–to help you do those three things. Whether or not you work with us, we’re not concerned about that. We want to bring 100% value on that call so you walk away with action items to go make your business better. The call is always free. You just need to schedule it. We’ll talk soon.

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