You likely have some 10+ year members at your gym.

They’ve been coming for years, getting in a workout and getting steady results. 

They don’t come to skill clinics or nutrition workshops. 

And they don’t care about body scans or accountability check ins. 

So this leaves you wondering…

“How could I increase my group membership rates when 90% of my members won’t value or don’t care about the changes I’m making?” 

You wonder how do I “justify” a price increase to new and existing members if I know they won’t value it…

Here’s how you do that. 

The way you “justify” a price increase isn’t by making a bunch of changes and hoping they see the value. 

The way you “justify” a price increase is by you selling them on the value. 

The “justifying” requires you to take full ownership over selling them. 

You have to make it your responsibility to sell it, not their responsibility to see it. 

Inside Factory Forged Momentum,  we teach you how to enroll your first 10 members into a profitable group membership. 

We show you how to articulate the value of your group program so clearly & precisely (ie. get better at selling) that by the end both, your new & existing members will see the price increase as “justified” no matter the market competition or lesser priced memberships. 

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