Do you feel like a business owner? Or do you feel like your business owns you?

If you resonated with the second question, I’ve been there. When I first started my gym at age 24 I was excited to be the boss, to call the shots, to lead the team. However, I very quickly realized, I didn’t know what I was doing.

I knew the work I had to be doing but I didn’t know what I had to be working on. I would coach classes, serve my clients, and collect payments but apart from that, I didn’t know what else to do to actually grow my business. 

So I worked in the business. I worked. And worked. And worked. I was an employee to my own business.

I tried googling and reading books and seeing what others were doing. But it wasn’t until I hired a business coach that my entire outlook on running a business changed.

I tweaked what he showed me and created the systems and structures specifically for the group fitness niche.

With this, I was able to free up so much of my time. I knew that if I wanted to grow my gym I couldn’t be coaching the majority of my classes.

I also knew that if I wanted my clients happy I had to make sure my 2 part-time coaches could really keep the quality of my service.

The processes & systems I implemented changed everything. I simplified my business model and created a process that I taught my coaches everything from onboarding to running classes to even doing sales appointments.

I remember getting my first text from one of my coaches saying, “I made the sale!”

To date, it was probably one of my proudest moments. I had learned how to replicate myself.

Translation: I could now make money without needing to be in my gym.

Last week, one of my clients Kyle reached the same milestone.

You see… over the last year he’d been rebuilding how his company operates inside out. Around his needs first this time.

When we started working together, he ran the old PT first onboarding model. And it was starving his business growth and killing his personal bandwidth.

At one point he mentioned he wasn’t even passionate about coaching people 1 on 1 anymore.

He knew there had to be a better way to grow. So we transitioned him off this model and implemented a business model that let him charge PT prices but had the scalability of group.

He got his time back, increase his prices, was able to grow his autopay, and start making progress towards bigger goals.

Last week he reached a new “milestone” in his business success that freed even more of his personal time while generating more revenue for his business.

His coaches have started enrolling members at premium prices. He reached a HUGE business milestone. 

This is the definition of earning freedom in your business.

If you want to truly create profit and freedom in your business you need to have a profitable business model that can support a consistent marketing system.

A lot of gurus will only show you how to do one. We teach our clients how to do both.

My advice for you… if you feel stuck in a broken model or aren’t happy with the results you’re getting for the work you’re putting in then CHANGE IT.

Don’t wait for 5 years to go by only to realize you’ve maintained but not grown your gym.

Don’t wait until you have to get another job to support your business.

Don’t wait until you have to drain your personal savings to stay afloat.

There’s always a solution to your problem. You just need the right resources and coaching to accelerate your business growth. You need Momentum.

Momentum is our 12-week program designed to help you build a profitable gym that supports your lifestyle.

In 12 weeks you’ll learn the lean way to run your gym so that you’re profitable and build a marketing system that always gives you new leads that enroll into long term clients so that you can start earning a $5,000/month paycheck.

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