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[Hiring] 3 Must-Have Traits

By October 4, 2018Team Development

When hiring a new employee you want to make sure that you want them to work for you as much as they do. That’s why it’s so important that they align with your company culture. There are likely a plethora of traits you’d like them to have, but here are three that we find are non-negotiable.

Employees should have the ability to admit when they’ve made mistakes or are wrong and move forward. It’s important to use mistakes as a chance to identify what’s wrong and correct oversights early.

When interviewing, ask candidates to describe a time when they made a mistake and see if they describe how they moved passed it. Determine if they learn from their errors and did they use what they learned in the future.

It’s vitally important that your new hire has a willingness to hustle. In small businesses solid work ethic is a something you can’t ignore.

Ask a candidate about a project in which their hard work paid off. If they highlight experiences where they displayed a willingness to push boundaries for the betterment of the team it’s a great sigh that they’d make a good fit.

Honesty and trust are the key to any relationship, your team included. If you don’t trust your team completely you can’t function at full capacity. Being able to have open and honest conversation makes teamwork easier and allows leaders to understand their team better.

If you ask a question that the applicant doesn’t know, take note if they still respond. Ask a follow up question to clarify their answer to determine if they’re not afraid to be honest and admit their faults.

The hiring process can be very stressful for employers and candidates. But finding the right fit, who exemplifies your company values, will make achieving your company goals that much easier.

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