Can you believe we have 2 months left in 2020? It’s pretty wild.

We’ve made it this far but there’s still a lot we are uncertain about.

  • When is this going to end?
  • When will people be more open to working out?
  • Will there be another shutdown?

So much unknown.

At the same time, there are 2 things, we as business owners, are 100% certain about.

They are:

1. We need to keep retaining clients.

2. We need to keep selling memberships.

So do you balance the uncertainty with certainty?

Focus on these 2 things:

Believe people are buying. 

You have to believe that people want to fix their health & fitness problems even in the midst of a global pandemic. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Our clients, KD & Darin have been selling memberships at $85/week and grown their revenue (and profit) to $25,000 ($7k in profit) in the last 6 months. They had to rebuild from a 30% drop in revenue in March using our 4 Profit Pillars Framework.

They’ve mastered the way they communicate with their prospects and positioned their offer in their local market to consistently attracted the right clients. Not Free Challengers, people who want to a real lifestyle change.

Imagine having a sales appointment and saying “the program starts at $250/month or $85/week for our short term membership…” without flinching and being 100% confident of your program despite your competitor offering $125/month membership down the street.

They do that every week.

Believe people are buying. Communicate your unique offer and value.

Do this on a consistent basis and the members will come.

Create conversations

People are interested in changing their lives. You just have to talk to them. In order to do that, you need to have a system that consistently starts these conversations.

Set up your lead sources:

>> Website opt-ins

>> Organic social media convos

>> FB ads opt-ins

>> Referral opt-ins

Those 4 lead sources (if built correctly) should start 30-50 quality conversations a month. Those conversations should convert into 8-15 new members every month. That is healthy and sustainable growth.

Are you doing these 2 things??

“Getting by” is different than making $60k/year and working 4 days a week.

Are you still stuck opening at 4:30 am Mon – Fri and getting home at 8 pm? Or working so much without making any real business progress? Are you not able to help contribute to your family and feel like you’re sacrificing so much for a $1500/month income?

You can make a professional salary as a gym owner.

Stop believing the lie that you are “just a trainer.” You can make good money owning a brick & mortar gym and have the lifestyle freedom your 9-5 friends envy. All this is possible, you just have to build your gym the right way.

If you want the step by step plan on how to bring in high-quality members (even in today’s market) book a call with us.

We’ll help you create the gym that will thrive during uncertain times and give you the business skillset you need to succeed.

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