A 2020 Month To Month Recap Of Our Clients KD and Darin


MARCH 2020


March hit hard and, like most gym owners, KD & Darin felt it. 


A huge loss of revenue, 2 kids at home, amidst a global pandemic. Their gym was their livelihood so they had to make it work. 


They transitioned to online while their gym was closed and quickly started marketing & selling again. 


A lot of gym owners waited…but they couldn’t afford to “see what would happen.” They had to be quick on their feet and act fast. 


And it paid off. 


APRIL 2020


April was a big month for them. 


Adding over $6,000 of new revenue to their gym. They were starting to rebuild. 



And they weren’t slowing down. May was also a good month for them as they started enrolling again and reopening their gym. 


The biggest thing that KD & Darin had that helped them grow consistently was SYSTEMS. 


They had a marketing system to brought them consistent leads they could enroll. 

They had a lead nurturing system that converted leads to booked appointments. 

They had a sales system that was simple and maximized sales. 


Everything was systemized. This allowed them to grow their gym each and every month. Steady and consistent growth trumps big cash injections any day. 

The lifestyle win for KD & Darin was they had a family. They couldn’t just grind out 16 hour days. They had to prioritize their time and be there for their growing family. 


My daughter Parker was born this year so my work/life balance shifted this year. 

It’s important for me that my clients not only grow their businesses and win financially but also own gyms that allow them to have a lifestyle they love. 


JUNE 2020


June was a time for HIRES & REST. 


They spent the month hiring new team members and training them as well as taking some rest and family vacations. 


There’s nothing like getting to the point in your business where you have trained your team and you can get back your time. The time where the grining has paid off because of the foundational work you have done. 


“It feels amazing to have walked out of that meeting today on track and supported by a team. Getting to this point was maybe the biggest win of 2020 for KADA.” – KD Kaiser



JULY 2020


For KD & Darin July was also ?


They enrolled 13 people at $82/week. But not only that, they had solidified their program to truly create a valuable transformation for their clients. 


They were making a true impact for their members and charging what they are worth. 

They were also continuing to vacation because they had the team, time, and resources. 



August continued to bring in some wins. They reached a HUGE personal finance milestone and became debt free. 


They were paying off debt and getting more leads. Their systems were buttoned up and they were running the play. 


There is nothing like creating a business that is running like a well oiled machine. 

They were growing each and every month. 


June: $21k

July: $22k

Aug: $23k




These last 3 months have been the most profitable for their business. 


In those 3 month they were able to secure $22k in profit. 


Yup, profit. For them to either take as owner’s benefit or reinvest into the business. 


But not only that they got back their time.


We are so proud of KD & Darin. This year was tough for the gym industry but they took it as an opportunity to grow and get better. 


And they sure did. 


Want to hear more of their story? Check out their interview here. 

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