At the start of 2020, Byron had set some incredible goals for the year. However, come March he wasn’t sure how likely any of his goals would be. 
In March of 2020, Byron lost 30% of his revenue. He is located in Chicago and quickly has to pivot to online training. 
He transitioned to online training and continued to coach his members online but he did not want to stay online. 
Some gym owners are eager to make the jump to online coaching. Others, they’d quit if they had to do online. 
For those of us who love the in-person, brick & mortar experience becoming an online coach or “going online” is not the answer. 
Byron knew he needed to create an online alternative for the time being so he did what he needed to do to keep his gym going and transitioned online smoothly.
From Apr 2020 – Jun 2020, he got to work REBUILDING. 
His gym reopened and he had the systems to jump back into sales & enrollments. 
  • Acted fast with a plan/pivot instead of “waiting for things to blow over”
  • Followed our contingency plan and made the best, and sometimes toughest decisions, for his business.
  • Lead his gym & team confidently and rework his class schedule/coach hours.
  • Rented a parking lot to serve members and offer in-person training options.
After it was all said and done, Byron ended up profiting $16,678.19 in Quarter 2.
This year we had to go back to the basics. A lot of gyms focus on revenue streams. 
We want to add so much revenue streams … but your #1 focus before adding anything else should be: 
Getting group training revenue to cover operating expenses
That is what Byron realized he had to start working on in order to get his gym profitable. 
It’s not about selling more memberships, it’s about selling them at the right price. 
With our help, Byron was able to increase his prices to $224/month for a 6-month term. 
And not only that, he’s trained his coaches on how to sell so he can be home in the evenings. 
He’s also organized his gym systems so that each week and each day he knows exactly what he needs to be doing in order to grow his gym, improve his memberships or keep up with the current market. 
He kept running our process and in September finished out the month with: 
13 new sign-ups (12 weeks)
4 new sign-ups (6 months)
$11,532 in REVENUE
Each week we would meet and he would get coaching on: 
What business strategy to implement
What to consider in his current market
How to continue to dial in marketing systems 
Byron is going to be finishing out the year strong….despite all the twists & turns of this year. 
He has grown into an experienced business owner who is in control.  
He’s in control of generating interested prospects and enrolling qualified members. 
In Oct 2020 and Nov 2020, his gym has enrolled 11 new members generating $5,489 in new sales and Increased his long term membership auto pay $2,299/month. 
Bryon has finished out the year hitting his profit and lifestyle goals: 
He has more free time than he’s ever had in his career. 
His gym is more profitable than ever before. 
He’s trained his team on sales and can finally enjoy time off. 
If you’re stuck working long hours or paralyzed because you don’t know where to start with your gym…you need to hire a coach. 
Hiring a coach will help you get crystal clear on what steps you should be taking in order to grow your gym…instead of working long hours and not making any growth. 
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