Build A Gym That Gives You Income, Gives Your Clients Impact And Gives Your Business Profit

Jordan: Going from $5k/Month In Revenue To $35k/Month In Revenue

Jordan: Going from $5k/Month In Revenue To $35k/Month In Revenue

Marco: “From $1,200 paycheck to $4-5k/month”

Dmitry: From Selling $85/Month To $220/Month

Byron: “What would have taken us 5 years, we got done in 1 year”

Steven: “I can sleep easy not worried about where next sign ups will come from”

Cheryl: “There’s no way I would have made it in 2020 without your help”

Kyle: Getting rid of “PT first” and making $35K in 3 months

Hamid & Luis: 57 leads, 27 sign ups = $4,800 growth in autopay

Alex: “Doubled the prices and doubled my sign ups”

Mauro: “I Now Understand What It Should Feel Like To Run A Gym”

Steven: “I’m sleeping better not worried about when that next client is gonna come or where they’re coming from.”

What Clients Are Saying

3 sign ups & 5 appointment scheduled while on vacation

$1,000 growth in autopay while having 3 days completely off!!

20 sign ups and $3,900 growth in autopay

65% revenue growth during lockdown

12 signs ups, $3,640 added to autopay

Growing sales skills & enrolling at $350/month

“Doubled my membership”

7 signs up in 10 days = $1,365 in autopay

“Legit no BS approach to creating systems that work for YOU!”

“Doubled my membership”

“$5,165 revenue from new sales”

$3,200 added to autopay

8 signs up in one week!

“Factory Forged was exactly waht we needed to take our business ot the next level.”

“saving ‘I’ve grown leads & bounds’ is an understatement”

“Gone from surviving and reacting to actively working on building the business”

“The best business decision we’ve made.”

Automating systems & marketing!!

Sold first membership at new price of $300/month!!

$2k in sign ups, $6,500 commited in last 6 days!!

“Business coach that cares, has experience & communications skills is priceless”

“TRIPLED my personal profit”

“Sped up growth & enjoying better profitability!!”

$2,040 added to autopay for next 12 months!!

$2,475 growth in autopay in Q3…with 5 weeks left!!

Training coaches to take over enrollment calls!

Hitting Q2 sign up goals!!

5 signs up in 4 weeks + talking to fewer leads!

Team enrolled 4 new clients while on vacation!!

17 ETFs & 3 New Sign Ups, With More In Pipeline!!

“Still having a system that works even if you’re mentally checked out!”

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