One of the most expensive lessons I’ve learned came during a Saturday morning class.

I saw my members arrive for class and I got jealous.

Jealous that they actually got to relax during the weekends.

I was jealous of their 9-5s.

Have you ever been jealous of someone’s 9-5?

…as a business owner?

It’s a hard place to be in.

I envied their consistent paychecks. I was jealous they got to rest on the weekends. I was jealous of their 401ks.

The life of a business owner comes with its challenges. But it also offers opportunities like no other (i.e uncapped income, lifestyle freedom)…if you can make it work.

The problem was…I didn’t know how to make it work.

I was trying my best, serving my members the best I could. I hoped they would refer more people or stick around longer.

My strategy is to give and give and give and give.

This is what I see a lot of gym owners doing, especially right now.

But here’s where your off…here’s the expensive lesson I ended up learning.

I was too focused on the wrong thing.

Client experience is an integral part of your business, no doubt about that.

But it shouldn’t ever be your prime focus.

Only focusing on member services and experience is what kept me stuck. It’s what’s keeping gym owners from actually growing their gyms.

Because here’s what’s really happening…

You focus on service (where you feel comfortable) so that your members do the work you’re actually avoiding: marketing your gym.

I know this because that’s what I did. I’d think “if I blow my members away, they’ll refer me and I’ll get more members.”

But that’s not a profitable strategy. The sooner you see that, the faster you can start focusing on tasks that actually grow your gym.

I want you to succeed.

I want you to have full classes with members enrolled at $200+/month memberships.

I want you to not feel bad charging higher membership options.

I want you to confidently stand behind your pricing because you know deep down, the work you do is life-changing and priceless.

I want you to let go of the money mindset blocks holding you back.

The “I can’t charge that much” or the “they won’t pay that much…” thoughts.

I help gym owners get on track & start to grow their gyms with our 4 profit principles framework:

Principle 1: Create a premium program that delivers results

Principle 2: Onboard efficiently to maximize time & resources

Principle 3: Qualify and enroll prospects who will stay long term

Principle 4: Consistently attract more dream members to your gym

Mastering these principles will create the consistency you want.

>> A consistent & predictable revenue so you can pay yourself every single month.

Imagine having the exact plan to grow your gym the RIGHT way.

I’m not talking about running a “FREE” 6-week challenge. That’s a marketing play and doesn’t work long term. It’s a bandaid. You’ll inflate your gym revenue but it won’t last long term.

No, I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about a methodical way to grow your gym that will be sustainable and simple.

These profit principles are what helped our client Josh & Kamal add $2,000 to their autopsy.

They were ready to grow and we knew they had what it takes to succeed. They just needed the right strategies to grow.

And they did. They’re on track to keep growing to $14,094/month by Dec. For context: They started with us at around $8,950/month in July.

Want this kind of growth? Schedule a call.

You’re not any different from them.

You’re not in a more competitive market.

Their circumstances aren’t all that different from yours.

They just decided to execute and had a profitable plan to follow.

If you’re looking for this kind of clarity…

Want a step by step plan to follow…

Along with a business coach to help you implement on a weekly basis…

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We help you create the gym of your dream. A gym that can provide for your family and give you security, income and lifestyle.

You can have more than a 9-5.

…uncapped income and lifestyle freedom.

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