Most gym owners have lost about 40-60% of their revenue. That’s a pretty scary statistic.

That why right now it’s so important to understand how to grow your gym and keep your business going.

Regardless of what our economy is doing. You need to know exactly how to bring in leads to book appointments to enroll new clients.

Yet, before the pandemic, most gym owners didn’t know how to do this. Most waited around for leads, got some member referrals, and ran some FB ads, sometimes. However, since we had a strong economy there was hope you could “get by.”

It wasn’t easy but you did it.

Up at 4 am and getting back after dinner time.

Managing coaches who didn’t seem to care about business but rather working out all day.

Members pulling you in all directions only to get a member cancelation each week.

But you did what you had to do to keep your gym alive. And heck. If you needed to, you knew you *could* get a part-time to help support your gym.

But what do you do now?

What do you do when you didn’t really have a system to get leads before and you need one now even more?

What do you do when you can’t go get a part-time job?

What do you do when you don’t have the stability of a good economy?

1. You get resourceful.

2. Implement organic marketing strategies.

That’s exactly what our client Michael did.

He was able to make $4,000+ in revenue in 2 weeks…all with organic marketing.

That’s right, he didn’t run 1 ad.

When Michael first started, he didn’t have a clear system to always attract clients to his doors. He’d hired a marketing agency that gave him horrible leads but that didn’t work.

He also was severely undercharging. Offering $129/month memberships. This price point wasn’t enough to cover rent, overhead, pay coaches, and pay himself. So he would often choose to not pay himself.

So we got to work.

We reworked his entire business model. We made sure his gym would give him the 2 things he valued most: profit & lifestyle freedom.

Next, we worked through his memberships. We kept the most profitable programs and kept his process simple.

Last, we made sure his costs were lean. I care about my client’s success even after they’re done working with me. So we made sure he had a sustainable strategy and his gym was running like a well-oiled machine.

Then he implemented the organic marketing strategies we showed him and in 2 weeks he made $4,000+ in revenue. Only using our organic traffic strategies!!

Now I know there’s a lot of skepticism of “gurus” and I get it. It’s understandable if you have your guard up.

But just know that our Momentum program is different. We’re not a cookie-cutter model that “gives you a play” that might not even work for you. We actually partner with you and coach you individually on running your gym. In our 12-week Momentum program you’ll get 1:1 coaching well as group coaching to learn & grow with other gym owners.

This is the type of coaching that has gotten our clients results.

Last week here are some of the client wins we got:

Josh enrolled 3 short term clients and 3 long term clients.









Steph added more people to her remote roster. SN: Not all our clients run remote if they don’t want to. 

Adam added $2,575 in AUTOPAY in July. He’s selling fitness. In a time where people say “no one is buying.”

Dmitry enrolled 10 members at $320/month into 12 months programs.

Stop getting in your own way.

Stop telling yourself it won’t work for you.

Stop believing your “market is really saturated”

Stop thinking no one is buying right now.

If you’re a gym owner who is ready to scale & grow your gym, and take ownership of your life & business, apply to work with us.

You’ll get 12 weeks of business coaching where we’ll work together and dive into your specific business issues. We call this a “done with you” model. You won’t be a number in a course or get a cookie-cutter template to follow.

Our 3-month Momentum program includes:

Weekly group coaching calls + homework to keep you on track

6 private coaching calls with Chris to dive into specific gym issues

Our step-by-step process outlined in our course hub

Continuous marketing support: FB ad copy, funnels, and long term nurture campaigns

Apply to Momentum.

Have more questions? Learn more about Momentum here.