As a gym owner you are busy focusing on building your business, so when tax time rolls around it can be overwhelming to look back at transactions made over the year.

  • Did you miss any opportunities to save money?
  • Are you getting the most from the IRS business incentives?
  • Did you classify your write-offs correctly?
  • Are there ways to reduce how much time you’re spending on taxes?

These answers can save you thousands of dollars, not to mention peace of mind knowing you’re not at risk for an audit from filing your business tax returns correctly. 

Watch the replay of our webinar on the 5 Tax Mistakes Costing Gym Owners Money When Self Filing with CPA John Briggs from Incite Tax And Accounting below.

You will learn:

  1. The 3 covid financial relief options to take advantage of right now
  2. The difference between book keeping, payroll, and accounting services and how much they cost per month
  3.  A simple 3-step tax strategy used by professional CPA
  4. How to use the “Augusta Rule” to save up to $3,000 every year tax free.


John Briggs

Owner, Incite Tax

Achieving a highly lucrative financial position can be draining, especially with all the options out there that PROMISE they will grow your wealth.

Which leads taxpayers feeling overwhelmed and often confused with which path will get them the level of income they’ve always wanted. Or not taking the practical steps to reach their growth potential.

Incite Tax saves people from the inevitable burnout they will reach without having a consistent strategy of wealth creation and provide them the steps to attaining true cash flow. So they can enjoy a bigger bank account, their life can THRIVE, and still have the freedom to focus on their passions.

John Briggs is the Owner of Incite Tax and is on a quest to protect unfairly treated taxpayers from massively overspending on taxes. His model and strategies that he’s taught for over a decade have given the practical steps to reach people’s financial goals much quicker.

Chris Thorndike

Founder/CEO of Factory Forged

Chris Thorndike helps gym owners work less and earn more profit with their brick and mortar fitness programs.

With over 13 years of gym ownership and CrossFit affiliation, his business experience and coaching has helped hundreds of gym owners implement The Factory Forged Framework to grow their net income and confidently manage their day to day operations.