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4 Tips to Building Real Relationships With Your Clients

By August 17, 2018Client Service

With so many competitors in the market, gaining and retaining your customers requires making real connections with them. People like to buy from people they like, so making emotional connections is imperative.

It’s not as difficult as you’d expect to get your team on board. Follow these tips and you’ll have a great start!

1. Create an environment of comfort and order
People need to feel like you’re capable of solving their problem. Your team needs to guide them through your customer journey and answer all of their questions with confidence along the way. Even if someone is familiar with your product offering, they’ll have more faith in your company if they feel that the process is organized and they are supported.

2. Give a delightful experience
You want every interaction with your clients to be memorable. Always have a smile on your face and be thoughtful when dealing with customers. Continuously look for ways to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations – this is often your most effective form of marketing.

3. Don’t shy away from getting personal
Your team must always be professional when engaging with clients, but that doesn’t mean they need to leave their authentic self at home. Don’t be afraid to open up to clients – share your likes, your dislikes, your hobbies, things about your family. Simply humanize yourself! This makes you relatable and improves the likelihood that a client will buy and stay.

4. Always keep your promises
The key to keeping clients coming back is trust. They need to trust you, your team, and the entire process. This means keeping your promises at every step of the customer journey. Be available at times that you promise, answer emails and return phone calls, and always honor prices and contracts you present.

Even though much of our world and your business have moved online, building trust goes back to building personal, human relationships. People need one another, and they like to purchase from people they like and trust. Your website is just a window into your business. It’s up to you to build enough trust that when you open it and invite your customers in, they come.

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