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4 Tips For Effective Story Telling

By October 25, 2018Marketing

Today consumers are looking for connections.

Connections to others like themselves and to brands they feel represent them. That’s why story telling – humanizing your website, your marketing, and your communication through highlighting stories – has become such an effective way to appeal to potential customers.

To successfully share your story remember to…

Make it relate to them

It may be your story, but make sure it’s relevant to your audience. They need to see the similarities between your story and their experiences and concerns otherwise they won’t pay attention. Always think about what’s in it for your audience – are you providing useful info or are they wasting their time?

Grab their attention

The human attention span is extremely short, so get to the point right away. Open with an attention grabber and make your story entertaining. Include a beginning, a middle, and an end, or a problem, the journey, and the solution. Share the reality – the successes, the failures, and the emotions that go along with them.

Keep it simple

A simple story is not only easy to remember, but it’s also easy to retell. Sticking to the point and sharing the most important and emotion-catching details creates the most effective story.

Be upbeat

Everyone likes a story with a happy ending. Consumers are going to remember how you made them feel more than the words that your share, so make them feel hopeful. They want to know there is a solution to all of their problems and that you can help.

Keeping these 4 things in mind will create deep connections with your audience. Make your story simple, truthful, relevant, and optimistic and you can’t go wrong!

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