This past week our client Cheryl enrolled her first high ticket client. A $499 membership.

Like most owners I work with, I had to coach through some barrier when it came to charging premium prices.

As gym owners, we love to serve. We love to help. That’s frankly why we got into this profession. We wanted to give our members a true transformation.

So we work hours upon hours serving our clients. Making sure they get the best service so they can stay long term. We bend over backward for them because we love what we do and we want to provide the best value.

But what happens? They end up canceling anyway. They don’t want to commit to long term memberships. Or they simply want to take a break.

And you’re left with inconsistent revenue months and back to replacing members that just left.

So how do you get people bought in??

One way is through charging premium prices.

Now, if you’re not charging high-ticket for your memberships it because of one or all of these reasons.

I’m telling you straight up what’s holding you back. You might not like it. But a business coach pushes you to grow and uplevel. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Here’s why you’re not charging premium:

>> You’re waiting until *insert arbitrary thing that doesn’t really matter*

(ex. more gym equipment, a better gym space, more class time, etc. etc.)

Translation: You don’t understand what people want or what people pay for.

If you think the *arbitrary thing* is what will make you more valuable then you don’t understand your ideal client and you don’t understand what people actually pay for. Your ideal client doesn’t care about your “awesome community” or your ski ergs.

You need to understand what your ideal clients value in order to position yourself and your program. Without this, you’ll always be waiting until…

>> You’re “working on improving your program” …but you’ve also been at that for years.

Translation: You have no idea how to build & deliver a high-quality service.

You need to understand how to put together a scalable membership that will give your members a high-quality transformation, sells at a premium price, AND doesn’t take up all your time. If you don’t build this right you will always trade time for money…can anyone say “PT first” model?

>> You think it’s wrong to charge high prices because you believe your ideal client can’t afford it.

Translation: You don’t know truly know your ideal client. Also, you could work on your money mindset.

Your ideal client is someone who values the solution you offer to the problem they have. I will say that again. Your ideal client is someone who values the solution you offer to the problem they have.

You shouldn’t feel bad for offering a life-changing service at a premium price. I know you want to help everyone. And you *think* lowering prices will help people make a change in their lives because it’s affordable…but you’re wrong.

People need to be bought in. And nothing says bought in than making an investment…even if it’s uncomfortable. Change happens when people are uncomfortable.

Stop believing their money story and start coaching someone into why making an investment in their health & fitness will be transformative.

Now, could you maintain your gym by selling $125/month month to month memberships? Sure. But it will suck.

Can you also build a profitable long term business that supports your family in the years to come and creates stability? Yes. But you need to sell premium.

If you’re trying to make your gym your long term career, you need to start charging premium prices and creating the systems & processes to support it.

It’s more than just “filling your gym” or “getting leads” or “having the right sales script”…it’s creating a profitable business and becoming a successful, competent gym owner.

That doesn’t come from a cookie-cutter program. It comes from personal business coaching.

And that’s exactly what we offer in Momentum, our 12-week program that coaches you specifically on areas of your business and accelerates your growth.

We help our clients: 

Streamline their systems. & processes so they can build a profitable gym

Understand marketing and how to consistently enroll new members

Lead & manage their teams and confidently lead their business

Get more people in the door (or online) in any market condition

& ultimately build a profitable gym that allows you to pay yourself $5k take-home income and gain the lifestyle freedom you want.

If you’re done treating your gym like a hobby, apply to work with us: